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Post by Dr.Kran on Mon Feb 27, 2017 2:48 am

-All models and items are sent by mail
'customize name'
Class: Shotgun Guy
Castlevania Shop Shotgu10Castlevania Shop Shotgu10
Type: Human
700: HP
Armed with 1 quick action pump shotgun
Equipped with Pellet Belt and Gunslinger's Hat
3000 RC coins

'customize name'
Class: Ventress Vampire
Castlevania Shop Tll11Castlevania Shop Vamp110
Type: Vampire
250: HP
2: evasion
Armed with 1 M16
Equipped Small Bandolier
6400 RC coins

Castlevania Shop 9mm11
Type: Handgun/Sidearm
Damage: 8x12 (96) Accurate rapid range shots
4 uses per a match
1700 RC coins - Sellback for 265 RC coins
(starters get 1 free)

Desert Eagle
Castlevania Shop Desert12
Type: Handgun/Sidearm
Damage: 8x30 (240) Accurate rapid range shots
3 uses per a match
5726 RC coins - Sellback for 950 RC coins

Quick action pump shotgun
Castlevania Shop Qaps10
Type: Shotgun
Hits multi targets /
Damage: x6-6/x3 (36/36/36) Accurate scatter shots
2 uses per a match
4500 RC coins - Sellback for 295 RC coins

Castlevania Shop M16210
Type: Assault Rifle
Hits multi targets /
Damage: x2/x15-7 (105-210) Rapid range shots
2 uses per a match
6000 RC coins - Sellback for 1000 RC coins

Castlevania Shop Ak4711
Type: Assault Rifle
Damage: x28-7 (196) Rapid range shots
2 uses per a match
3400 RC coins - Sellback for 175 RC coins

Castlevania Shop Ak9710
Type: Assault Rifle
Damage: x70-17 (1,190) Rapid range shots
3 uses per a match
67,250 RC coins - Sellback for 5000 RC coins

Raptor shotgun
Castlevania Shop Dinosh10
Type: Shotgun
Hits multi targets /
Damage: x1-80/x3 (80/80/80) Accurate scatter shots
14 uses per a match
94500 RC coins

Castlevania Shop M4010
Type: Sniper Rifle
Damage: x1- (170,645) Accurate long range
30 uses per a match
743,400 RC coins

Guatle Shattergun
Castlevania Shop Guatle11
Type: Shotgun/HMG
Hits multi targets /
Damage: x4-160/x8 (650x8) Accurate scatter shots
2 uses per a match
Worth 1,000,000,000 Castlevania Shop Razor_10

Trider Colt Revolver
Castlevania Shop Trider10Castlevania Shop Trider13
Type: Handgun/Sidearm
Damage: 6x1000 (6000) Accurate rapid range shots
Ignore 3 'dodge'
3 uses per a match
Worth 1,000,000,000 Castlevania Shop Razor_10

Shotgun Belt
Castlevania Shop Shotgu12
Type: Utility Belt
Increase shotgun uses by +2 uses per a match
2745 RC coins

Small bandolier
Castlevania Shop Shotpo10
Type: Utility Belt
Increase non-shotgun uses by +1 uses per a match
2745 RC coins

Gunman's Hat
Castlevania Shop Gunsli10
Type: Hat
Increase shotgun uses by +1 uses per a match
600 RC coins

Castlevania Shop Snow_g10
Type: Accessory
Increase hitchance by +1 on snow conditions
600 RC coins

Medmen Truck
Castlevania Shop Truck210
Type: Vehicle
HP: 10,480 (2670 crash damage)
Damage: x1-1460 hit
1,164 speed
113,400 RC coins

Ah... A sexy portrait for sale
Castlevania Shop Love_t10
Worth 900 dollars or 9000 RC

Age : 26
Location : Texas

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