Custom Weapon Maker Guide

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Custom Weapon Maker Guide

Post by Dr.Kran on Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:25 am

models of your own design isn't difficult, all you need is an image and add your own stats.
But to make your own weapon it will cost you scrap depending on size.

Costs 15 scrap to make a pistol and to add functions you must either have level 21 crafting or I can craft them for you for a price.
Add + 1 scrap per x10 stat function.

If you're making a magical weapon, you must have an higher arcanery level and stashing voice level that sounds very evil and wizard like.
Requires level 2 arcanery, level 4 stashing voice and 'sinister arcane wizard voice' to make a magical weapon.
There are no limits to how powerful the weapon is, the imbue will only fail if you make it too strong at a low level.

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