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Post by Dr.Kran on Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:31 am

Vampire Fangs_10

Vampires are stealthy in nations and blend in well.

Starvation : Your health reduces to 50% if your character's Hunger is high enough. Death isn't the result.
Blood Thirsty : Blood Thirst has a terrifying effect that causes the vampire to die slowly or fall into deep sleep, so one must maintain their condition often.
Due to you being blood thirsty, you gain frenzy making the vampire deadlier, quicker, faster and much deadlier.
Sunlight : Kills your vampire, but not instantly.
Garlic : It truly does work on vampires, but only to a certain extent.
Human foods : Causes them to lose blood.

Turn : Vampires can turn you into a vampire, depends on the vampire's skill in keeping you alive.
Sense : Stealth doesn't work on vampires.
Feed : Feed on a dead corpse or a living human, choose weather to let them live or die.

Rare Abilities
Frenzy : Some vampires have an extreme appetite and are deadlier when they're hungry increasing speed, rate, and consumption.
Hypnosis : Some vampires have a special talent that helps with therapy.
Teleport : Some vampires can teleport with shadows.
Stealth : Some vampires can turn invisible when not attacking after a set 'tick'.

Suggested Supplements
The flavor of an animal is near in comparison to humans and can also be satisfying.


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