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Hobo Glass-10
Bums start out at a ally so get used to it.
What to be expected
The only entertainment you can have is the sports channel and lesser premium channels, you know channels like 'this' and 'sci-fi'.
Some people would take you in, if you're lucky though.
Sometimes you can even find a job flaying salmon and swordfish
Suggested Lifestyle
Become an Alcoholic, Thug or Beggar.
Look for places like bars and people to beg from.
Sleep is the key, the more you sleep the stronger the stench, careful though, some bars kick you out for that.

Starvation : Your health reduces to 50% if your character's Hunger is high enough. Death isn't the result.
Injuries : After a fight, you could end up with Injuries such as Cuts, bruises and Emotional Scars.
Morality : Bad morality means bad mood depending on personality, but atleast you don't need to change yours.

Stench : Chases away civilians and vampires.
Drunken : 50% Less damage taken 100% more damage first melee hit.
Steal : You can snatch a purse or wallet and gain whatever you find from the target.
Scavenge : Search trash cans and local dumps.

From what type of people you like or dislike, what type of people you enjoy communicating with.

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Location : Texas

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