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Post by Dr.Kran on Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:15 am

Civilian People10
As a civilian, you can get by, but you must follow the law.
Doing any crimes will put you on crime records if caught.
Under the roof you can be entertained by the media have better sleep.
Much can go on in your home.

Suggested Lifestyles
Either become a thief or get a job.
You can invite people to live and stay at your home to live with you, it's wise to live with people, but it's ok to live alone.

Starvation : Your health reduces to 50% if your character's Hunger is high enough. Death isn't the result.
Injuries : After a fight, you could end up with Injuries such as Cuts, bruises and Emotional Scars.
Morality : Bad morality means bad mood depending on personality, but atleast you don't need to change yours.

Income : Depending on what job you have, you get a custom income.
Steal : You can snatch a purse or wallet and gain whatever you find from the target, careful you don't get arrested.

The decision of that is yours, can be from sexuality to hatred and likes.
Favorite Foods, Favorite Entertainment, Favored Friends, Type of people.
Friendly? Grumpy? Aggressive? Hatredus? all placed under bio.

Age : 26
Location : Texas

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